A blog about nothing.

I was wrapping up a tabletop roleplaying game with my friends last night when I realized I hadn’t written today’s blog.  I was stumped.  Besides my seething outrage over U.S. politics (which I did not have the energy to blog about) I didn’t have anything to write about.  My friends tried to provide some helpful suggestions.

“Write about our game!”  I said I’ve written about the joys of tabletop gaming, both in general and with this group of friends in particular.

“Write about us!”  I said I’ve spoken at length about the nature of friendships, the value of lasting friendships, and how vital it is to maintain good relationships and never, ever take them for granted.

“Write about… forget it, I’ve got nothing.”  And they didn’t.  And neither did I.

So this blog is about knowing when to know you’ve got nothing to say.  Yes, I need to fill up space here because I’ve made a personal promise to blog about something every Tuesday and Thursday, but some days there is just nothing of significance to write about.  Instead of trying to sound profound about trivial subjects or foaming at the mouth over the disgusting state of U.S. politics (DeVos and Sessions?! Seriously?!) I’ve decided to say nothing at all.  Sometimes silence is golden, and sometimes you simply have nothing to add.

I believe it was Mark Twain who once said something like, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.”  So this fool is going to shut his mouth for today.



DeVos and Sessions?!  SERIOUSLY?!

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Michael Terracciano loves comic books, superheroes, outer space, and telling stories. His friends call him "Mookie." He spent the last ten years as the author and artist of the fantasy webcomic, "Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire." He enjoys spending time with his wife and their three cats. His favorite planet is Jupiter because it's awesome. He wants having superpowers to be fun again, and for this to be a universe you want to escape to, not from. He hopes you enjoy reading Star Power.