I Got Nothing New Today.

So yeah.

It's nearing the end of the third week of social distancing, no preschool, and mostly solo parenting.

Not much has changed. We're doing well. Some days are great, some days aren't. Some days I feel like Dad of the Year, some days I feel like a crappy father. We're all healthy, though, so that's nothing to take for granted these days.

It's the beginning of week three of social distancing. My son has been out of preschool for three weeks now. It's just me and him all day. There's nowhere to take him. On rainy days we can't even go outside to play. I'm beginning to question who I am.

I've begun to question many of the pup selection choices in PAW Patrol. Why don't they use Zuma for more rescues? They live in Adventure Bay and he's the water res...

Everything Continues to Change.

Yesterday was a day. A day that was filled with news. News that changed the way things would be going in the next few months, like all the news has been lately.

Another of our conventions we planned to attend for 2020 has been postponed, and we decided to transfer our table reservation to 2021. This one was a real bummer, because I was looking forward to AwesomeCon in May.

We've only been at this self-isolation / social distancing / quarantine thing for one week now and we're all going nuts. It's only the beginning of the second week and we're all chomping at the bit. No one knows how long this is going to be a thing, and we're all mentally and/or physically exhausted.

I, for one, tried desperately to think of anything else to write about for today's blog. As you can see, I failed mis...

I Envy Your Isolation.

Lots of people on social media are talking about how they're trying to keep themselves entertained and/or focused during this period of quarantine or social distancing. I've seen accounts of people meandering away from work to doodle funny pictures, or sing out on their balconies to their neighbors, or livestream themselves dancing, or any number of things to combat the sudden decrease of social interaction thanks to the spread of the coronavirus.

The title of today's blog may sound a little flippant or dismissive, but it's more an expression of my surrender to the flow of history. And if you don't know what virus I'm talking about, I am envious of your ignorance.

It's certainly a strange thing to be living through a global pandemic. You read about these in history books or sci-fi novels. You never expect to see one play out in real time, or even make it to y...

My Spoiler Free Thoughts on Castlevania.

I just finished watching Castlevania season 3 on Netflix. It was good. It was so good. To (probably) quote Trevor Belmont, "It was so fucking good." I've been in love with this show since its super-brief first season, and each following season has only gotten better. Since it's fresh on my mind, here are my spoiler-free thoughts on Castlevania, both season 3 and in general:

I love love LOVE that the main character...

The Cancellation of ConBust.

I learned yesterday that ConBust, one of my favorite conventions of the year, has been canceled in 2020 due to concerns over the spread of Coronavirus. I completely understand and respect the decision, but I'm still very sad.

I've spoken a lot about ConBust over the years. It's a tiny, tiny show that takes place in a small building on a college campus. The "artist alle...

Maybe They're Born With It.

Most heroes that are born with their powers or into some great heritage are boring as hell to me.

It's the one thing I regret implementing in my previous comic, Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire, but I started that comic as a much younger man and would have done things differently if I'd started that story today. Luckily, I learned that lesson and have since applied it to ...

Reading to the Kids.

Yesterday I volunteered to read a book to the kids in my son's preschool class. It was one of the coolest experiences I've had as a dad.

I've done this before, at a previous preschool a few year ago, but it was different. It was a holiday event so the book was chosen for me ('Twas the Night Before Christmas), and he was too young to really understand what was going on. It was a very pleasant experience, but nothing ...