Happy Holidays, and We'll See You in 2020!

The last page of The Star Power Holiday Special posted yesterday, so we're technically already on our annual holiday break, but I wanted to get one last blog post in before we say goodbye to 2019.

In case you missed our announcements on Facebook and Twitter, we'll be returning with Chapter 3 of Star Power & The Life Smugglers on MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 2020. We didn't want to start updating on Wednesday the 1st of Janu...

Recognizing Superman.

A few weeks ago, there was a trend on Twitter going around that made my heart swell. That's an unusual thing to say about Twitter, given its boatload of problems and almost zero supervision, but every so often that platform pleasantly surprises you. That happened a few weeks ago, where a reliable entertainment news source linked an article with a headline that read something like, "Movie Studio Doesn't Know What To Do with Superman, Doesn't Know how to Make Him Relevan...

Snow Days.

It's first thing in the morning when I hear the phone ring, and I always know what it is.

It doesn't have a special ringtone. I'm not expecting it. But I know what it is.

It's the superintendent of schools, calling with a recorded message that's announcing school has been closed due to the snowy weather.

When I w...

The Birthday Party.

This year my son's fifth birthday landed on Thanksgiving Day. We celebrated it alongside Thanksgiving, so while his birthday was recognized it wasn't the center of our family gathering. In the past, we just combined the two without much thought, since he was too young to know different. But now he was turning five years old, and had been to other kids' birthday parties, so it was time to throw him a proper party.


My Shameless Love of Christmas Music.

I love Christmas music. I do. Sure, there are some songs that grate on my nerves after hearing them once too often, but on the whole I like holiday music. There's something about hearing them (after December 1st!) that means it's officially the holiday season, and that there's something wonderfully different about this month.

Here are some of my thoughts about some holiday songs:

Let me tell you about my day yesterday.

It began with a major snowstorm and the public schools closing because of the weather. My wife went to work, leaving me and my five-year-old son home to entertain each other... and by that, I mean I need to come up with countless ways to entertain him. He sees the first snowfall of the year here in New England, so of course he wants to go out and play in it. I can't blame him....

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone, and Happy Birthday to my Son.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it! This is one of my favorite holidays. It's a simple celebration of thanks, and the only obligation is to eat a lot of food. There are no gifts to buy, no holiday music to enjoy and/or endure, no nothing. Just food and company. I'm lucky enough that I get to enjoy both on this holiday, and if you know someone who isn't as fortunate as you today, maybe extend an invitation to your table. It could mean the world to t...

I Grew Up With Cliffhangers That Were NEVER RESOLVED.

I like cliffhangers. I like them a lot. As you could see from the conclusions of these first two chapters of THE LIFE SMUGGLERS, I'm not shy about using them to get you to come back to see what happens next. But one thing I will never do is end a story arc on a cliffhanger. Like every story before this one, THE LIFE SMUGGLERS will have a definite conclusion and it won't leave you hanging... because that nonsense happened to me all the time as a child.

I made two comic books in high school. The second, a kinda-sorta senior project that turned into an independent project, actually got printed and handed out/sold with the help of my photography teacher and some generous classmates. If anyone remembers anything I did in high school revolving around comics, it's probably that... but that comic book wasn't the reason I'm making comics today.

I made a comic book my fresh...

A Momentous November.

Now that both of these events have occurred and been shared by those involved on social media, I feel comfortable talking about two momentous occasions that happened this month:

This past weekend my cousin got married to the love of his life. It was a beautiful, interfaith ceremony and a raucous party afterward. My family knows how to party at weddings, and the bride's side of the family more than kept up with us. T...