Look Elsewhere for Inspiration.

Writing science-fiction is a lot of fun. Writing fantasy is a lot of fun. Writing superhero stories is a lot of fun. I love it all. The more my imagination has to work, the more worlds and races and cultures I have to create, the happier I am. I eat up as much sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero material as I can get my hands on. The more the better. I always feel inspired after a good story, and can’t wait to get back to work.

I mentioned this last week here in the blog section, and I'm doing it here again. I won't do this every single Tuesday & Thursday I update this for the next month, but expect me to at least mention it a few times. More than a few times. A lot.

Anyway, as Monty Python would say, "Get on with it!"

Yesterday, the Kickstarter campai...

Dominic Deegan Volume 1 Reprint KICKSTARTER!

I don't normally do this, but Kickstarters are pretty much the exception to every behavioral rule (within reason). While I wouldn't dream of hijacking the front page to put a filler comic in for this, I'll absolutely use my blog space to talk about a Kickstarter campaign I'm launching next week:

Writing For Me.

Two weekends ago I had a rare Sunday to myself. Like, for most of the day. My mother-in-law came to visit, so she and my wife went out to do some shopping. They took my son with them, and I suggested they take him somewhere to play after they completed their mother/daughter shopping trip. This turned into me having an almost entire Sunday to myself. Completely to myself. So I decided to do some writing for myself.

The Five Families.

Inspiration is a funny thing. It can come out of nowhere. It can be elusive when you need it most. Or, in this case, it can linger in the back of your mind, so far in the background noise, that it will sneak up and insert itself into your work before you realize what’s happened.

I only just realized that’s happened here, in Star Power & The Life Smugglers, with the five remaining Crime Families of Axiosis......

Sorry for the Radio Silence!

In our last blog post I said that we would start updating Issue 28 on January 6th. As you can see, that didn't exactly happen. As you can also see, now that we've begun updating again, it's almost a month from that original date and we didn't say much about it around here. That's on us, and we apologize for the radio silence.

We weren't completely silent, though! We kept folks somewhat in-the-loop over on our Twitt...

Happy Holidays, and We'll See You in 2020!

The last page of The Star Power Holiday Special posted yesterday, so we're technically already on our annual holiday break, but I wanted to get one last blog post in before we say goodbye to 2019.

In case you missed our announcements on Facebook and Twitter, we'll be returning with Chapter 3 of Star Power & The Life Smugglers on MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 2020. We didn't want to start updating on Wednesday the 1st of Janu...

Recognizing Superman.

A few weeks ago, there was a trend on Twitter going around that made my heart swell. That's an unusual thing to say about Twitter, given its boatload of problems and almost zero supervision, but every so often that platform pleasantly surprises you. That happened a few weeks ago, where a reliable entertainment news source linked an article with a headline that read something like, "Movie Studio Doesn't Know What To Do with Superman, Doesn't Know how to Make Him Relevan...

Snow Days.

It's first thing in the morning when I hear the phone ring, and I always know what it is.

It doesn't have a special ringtone. I'm not expecting it. But I know what it is.

It's the superintendent of schools, calling with a recorded message that's announcing school has been closed due to the snowy weather.

When I w...

The Birthday Party.

This year my son's fifth birthday landed on Thanksgiving Day. We celebrated it alongside Thanksgiving, so while his birthday was recognized it wasn't the center of our family gathering. In the past, we just combined the two without much thought, since he was too young to know different. But now he was turning five years old, and had been to other kids' birthday parties, so it was time to throw him a proper party.