Chapter 1
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Happy Holidays, and We'll See You in 2020!

The last page of The Star Power Holiday Special posted yesterday, so we're technically already on our annual holiday break, but I wanted to get one last blog post in before we say goodbye to 2019.

In case you missed our announcements on Facebook and Twitter, we'll be returning with Chapter 3 of Star Power & The Life Smugglers on MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 2020. We didn't want to start updating on Wednesday the 1st of Janu...

Milestones of Life

My youngest brother got married on Saturday. Wild, huh? Some of you who who have been following my work for a while may remember my youngest brother. He showed up in a few pages of Comedity, often being referred to as tacky jailbait. Cuz he was like 16 when I drew Comedity. I didn’t give him that nickname, others did. I always called him “shorty” even though I’m the shortest of the siblings. It’s hard to not think of your kid brother as anything but a kid even long after he’s b...