Chapter 1
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Random Thoughts in Isolation.

I seem to have used up my thoughtful, wordy blog entry for the week already. I had a lot to say regarding the generosity of my local post office! But now, as I sit down to write my usual second blog for the week, I find myself lacking anything substantial to talk about. With the Covid-19 pandemic still well underway, there isn't much news to report or new experiences to dwell on. So, as I'm prone to do when lacking a subject to write at length about, here are some sm...

Current Events

I was hoping to announce that I got engaged over the weekend here today. But with the current goings on in the world it feels like such a small an inconsequential thing to talk about.

Once again, the appalling way people of color are all too often treated in this country has erupted onto the public scene. Police brutality isn’t new. Racism isn’t new. There’s a long sordid history of both in the US, often with the...