Chapter 1
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I Got Nothing New Today.

So yeah.

It's nearing the end of the third week of social distancing, no preschool, and mostly solo parenting.

Not much has changed. We're doing well. Some days are great, some days aren't. Some days I feel like Dad of the Year, some days I feel like a crappy father. We're all healthy, though, so that's nothing to take for granted these days.

Milestones of Life

My youngest brother got married on Saturday. Wild, huh? Some of you who who have been following my work for a while may remember my youngest brother. He showed up in a few pages of Comedity, often being referred to as tacky jailbait. Cuz he was like 16 when I drew Comedity. I didn’t give him that nickname, others did. I always called him “shorty” even though I’m the shortest of the siblings. It’s hard to not think of your kid brother as anything but a kid even long after he’s b...