En ex tee! En ex tee!

I don’t even have a good opening line for the blog today.  I’m just nerding out.  Big time.  There are a few things that get me so excited that I lose all formality and let myself geek out, and today I’ll be indulging in one of them:

My wife and I are going to see an NXT live show tonight!  AAAH!  I’m geeking the hell out!

It’s not secret that alongside comic books, live music, new metal albums (new Gojira in June, by the way!), and the occasional video game release, I absolutely adore professional wrestling.  I grew up with the all the 80s icons, got back into it in college during the “Attitude Era,” and when CM Punk dropped his “pipe bomb” on live TV I was hooked all over again.  I’ve even begun following various independent wrestling promotions… okay, just CHIKARA because they’re the most entertaining in my opinion… so I’m arguably a bigger fan now than I’ve ever been.

My wife and I watch NXT every week and jumped at the chance to see them live.  The only other pro-wrestling show we’ve attended together was a CHIKARA show.  We had an absolute blast there, so they’ve set the bar pretty high for us.  We’ll see if an untelevised NXT show lives up to the hype…

…but I would be lying if I don’t admit that we’ll absolutely lose our minds if we get to see Shinsuke Nakamura.

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