Excited and Terrified.

As you can see from yesterday’s update and the front cover of this new Issue, I’m responsible for both the writing and the art for THE HEAVY METAL SHOWDOWN.  It’s the first time I’m drawing a full story for Star Power, and I’m both excited and terrified.

I’m excited because I love making comics!  Writing scripts and collaborating with Garth has been the experience of a lifetime, but I started out writing and drawing my own webcomic.  For around eleven years I was responsible for the story and artwork of Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire, so I’m no stranger to the workload.  After being only “the writer” for such a long time, I started to get the urge to draw again.  So, with Star Power & The Choir of Doctor Hymn having concluded, I took the opportunity to make some comics again!

I’m terrified because oh my god I haven’t done this in about five years and you’re all so used to Garth’s amazing artwork aaaaaah oh my god the bar has been set so high and what if I’m in over my head these days aaaaah art is hard what have I done!

Yeah.  I’m a little nervous.  Garth’s skill has set the bar so ridiculously high for me that I’m worried my black-and-white, hand-drawn approach isn’t good enough.  With the internet chock full of amazing artists and comic creators, the level of skill out there is as intimidating as it is inspiring!  I’ve always been very self-conscious about how my artwork measures up to the skill levels of others.  Always.  Since I began this crazy journey back in 2002.  So taking on art responsibilities when you’re all used to Garth’s amazing work is either the bravest or dumbest thing I’ve ever done.  I guess I’ll know by how much or how little you enjoy THE HEAVY METAL SHOWDOWN.

In either case, this story is only twenty-four pages long and Garth’s amazing artwork will return for our next full storyline, STAR POWER & THE LIFE SMUGGLERS.

I’m determined to focus on the excitement of drawing comics again in the meantime, and I hope you like this relatively brief change in the artwork.

About Michael

Michael Terracciano loves comic books, superheroes, outer space, and telling stories. His friends call him "Mookie." He spent the last ten years as the author and artist of the fantasy webcomic, "Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire." He enjoys spending time with his wife and their three cats. His favorite planet is Jupiter because it's awesome. He wants having superpowers to be fun again, and for this to be a universe you want to escape to, not from. He hopes you enjoy reading Star Power.