As many are undoubtedly aware or becoming aware, Stephen Hawking has died.

I sit here trying to find the words to talk about the man, his work, anything really. It seems like something has to be said. Something deserves to be said. And undoubtedly people who knew him will say many things. And people who didn’t know him but knew his work will say many others. And people who knew neither will express sadness because that’s what we do when famous important people die.

And certainly Hawking was both famous and important. A rare combination of both a brilliant intellect that advanced human knowledge and understanding as well as a public personality that brought that knowledge to the masses.

The world seems a little dimmer for having lost a star that shown so brightly. Yet the sky is still full of stars. We will shine on.

About Garth

Born in Known Space, raised by the likes of Lazarus Long, Dr. Susan Calvin, and Lt. Miles Vorkosigan, Garth Graham has only ever partially shared the same reality as most of us. Fascinated by what might be and what isn't, rather than weighed down by the drama of what is, he has forged a tenuous bridge made of ink and paper between our world and some strange unknowable scape where improbable dreams are born. Perhaps it has driven him a little mad. Yet such madness has born fine delectable fruit for our eye organs. His previous works include the webcomics Comedity and Finder's Keepers. In his spare time Garth likes to laugh maniacally about the abstract and fictional concept of “spare time” and does his level best to refute entropy.