Hot Sauce!

A few weeks ago I had my friends over to hang out and play games.  We did some catching-up, we goofed around, we played some silly games, and had a good time.  In the middle of our tomfoolery, I thought it would be a good idea to sample some hot sauce.  And, like any enterprising individual these days, I filmed it for your entertainment.

A video in which I and my friend Matt sample hot sauces provided by our pal Jesse.  Matt did well.  Please enjoy my suffering.

Filming the experience was a spur-of-the-moment decision.  I didn’t want to try hot sauces so my over-the-top reactions could hopefully go viral, or any of that nonsense.  My reactions to the hot sauces were dramatic, but I never hammed it up for the camera.  I was more interested in recording the experience with my friends so we could all look back and enjoy it later.  Or, at the very least, have a laugh at my inability to handle extremely spicy sauces.  I may have cried a little.

I wanted to try these hot sauces because extremely spicy foods have been my culinary weakness for years.  I consider myself an adventurous diner, even though my diet is entirely plant-based, but hot spices have been a hurdle I’ve never able to clear.  So I decided to buckle down and attempt the obstacle course anew.  I think I did okay, despite suffering quite a bit.

Finally, even though extremely spicy foods have been a difficulty for me, they also trigger a happy memory.  Years ago, while I was still attending A-KON in Dallas as a guest, I would meet up with my friend Juno on the Thursday before the show started.  We would make our way to an off-site Thai restaurant and do our much-needed catching up over a quiet dinner.  The first time we went there I ordered a curry dish.  I love curry, but up until then my experiences with it had been mild at best.  I did not realize how mind-blowingly hot they made their curry until I shoved a generous spoonful into my face.  Juno and I powered through our tear-inducing, face-reddening curry dishes, laughing at our ridiculous predicament all the while.  In subsequent years, we would return to that same restaurant and order the same spicy curry dishes.  It became our painful pre-show tradition.  So now, every time I power through extreme spices, I think back to Dallas and crying/laughing over dinner with an old friend.

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