Medium well.

For various reasons* I’ve been thinking about mediums lately.  Not the size category.  The people who can supposedly talk to the dead thanks to their special psychic connection to the afterlife.  I don’t believe them.  I think mediums perform parlor tricks at their best, and are charlatans who trick the bereaved out of their money at their worst.  But I considered the possibility that I’m wrong about them.  What if it’s true, and there are people out there who really can communicate with the dead?

And upon further reflection, if mediums are legit, I’m even angrier at them.  Allow me to share the scenario I considered that pushed me over the edge.

Let’s suppose that after I’m dead, whether I’m a lingering spirit or just enjoying whatever afterlife there may be, I become aware that my son is in need of comforting.  That the only thing that can soothe his troubled mind are reassuring words from his departed dad.  But I’ve moved on from the mortal world and I cannot reach him.  The dead can’t readily speak to the living, after all.  However, I happen to find a bridge between the living and the dead!  A medium!  This person can hear me, can sense my presence, and can communicate to the living what I cannot!  Marvelous!  I would implore this person to convey my reassuring words to my son.  I would beseech this soul to say what I can no longer say, to provide the much-needed comfort for those who were most beloved to me while I was still alive.  And this medium would agree to do just that… but only if my son pays them a few hundred dollars.

I would haunt that piece of shit until the day they died.

Maybe you believe in the abilities of mediums, and maybe you find genuine comfort in the services they provide.  I can’t tell you what to believe or how to spend your money.  I rarely express my beliefs on the afterlife here in the blog section because it’s a sensitive subject.  But when you mix the afterlife with money, I get suspicious.  Maybe a little aggressive, to the point of haunting.



*One of the “various reasons” I’ve been thinking about mediums is the Medium character class in Pathfinder Occult Adventures.  I may not believe in real-world mediums, but this class is awesome and I really want to play one.

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