Milestones of Life

My youngest brother got married on Saturday.

Wild, huh?

Some of you who who have been following my work for a while may remember my youngest brother. He showed up in a few pages of Comedity, often being referred to as tacky jailbait. Cuz he was like 16 when I drew Comedity. I didn’t give him that nickname, others did. I always called him “shorty” even though I’m the shortest of the siblings. It’s hard to not think of your kid brother as anything but a kid even long after he’s been an adult. But then he goes and does something like get married.

In the comic he was adventurous and daring and unflappable and that has all remained true to this day. Fewer skateboarding off the roof incidents and more seemingly effortless culinary masterpieces, but still. And the wild thing is that he’s gone and found himself a gal who is as perfectly quirky and bold as he is. They’ve been together for years now, so in some ways getting married seems like an unnecessary legal bow for an unwrapped gift, but it was a lovely celebration of the two of them and the life they’ve been building together.

What could be more adult than being there for someone you care about, to uplift and support them, to help them grow into the best version of themselves, and to be likewise loved in return?

I’m proud of the kid. He and his wife done good. And I know they will continue to do so for years to come.

Congrats, Cole and Taylor.

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