PDF is Pretty Darn Fantastic

Good News, Everyone!  Do you find yourself wishing you could read more StarPower?  Right now?  Is three pages a week just not fast enough for you?  Do you crave knowing what happens next?  In that case, boy do we have something designed just for you!  StarPower is now available via DriveThru Comics!  BOTH chapters 1 AND chapter 2!  Yes, that’s right!  You don’t have to wait anymore!  The Download button you see nestled amongst the navigation buttons will take you to where you can acquire StarPower as gorgeous .pdf files suitable for your computer, tablet, phone, whatever you can think of that will read a .pdf file.

“So, wait,” we hear you say, “Does this mean I can read AHEAD of where the comic is on the website?”

You betcha.  See, we here work ahead here at StarPower, and we’re experimenting with delivery options.  We have this notion that if you’re going to pay for the comic, you should get something for that that you can’t get via the freebie webcomic method.  In the case of print, it’s paper pages.  In the case of digital downloads, we’re trying timing.  As each new chapter starts updating here on the website, we’re striving to make it available all at once for as a digital download.  Thus offering our readers multiple reading options.  You can read it as a traditional comic for a nominal fee, or you can read it here 3 pages a week for free on the website.  We honestly don’t know how well this system will work.  That will ultimately be up to you guys the readers to decide.  We’re trying something (I believe), unprecedented in webcomics or digital comics in general.  So, here’s to the adventure!


Also, we’ve gotten a number of complaints about the star-scape background.  So we’re trying some different things to help with legibility.  Your feedback is appreciated.

About Garth

Born in Known Space, raised by the likes of Lazarus Long, Dr. Susan Calvin, and Lt. Miles Vorkosigan, Garth Graham has only ever partially shared the same reality as most of us. Fascinated by what might be and what isn't, rather than weighed down by the drama of what is, he has forged a tenuous bridge made of ink and paper between our world and some strange unknowable scape where improbable dreams are born. Perhaps it has driven him a little mad. Yet such madness has born fine delectable fruit for our eye organs. His previous works include the webcomics Comedity and Finder's Keepers. In his spare time Garth likes to laugh maniacally about the abstract and fictional concept of “spare time” and does his level best to refute entropy.