Player of games.

I enjoy video games.  I’ve played them since I was a child.  I have fond memories of my first system, the Atari.  Not the 2600, not the 7200 (we got that one later), but the original “video computer system.”  Games have come a long, long way since my childhood, and it’s amazing to have essentially grown up alongside this industry.  I have nothing insightful to add about the nature of gaming and how it’s grown and matured over the years.  I simply enjoy them as part of my free time, what little I have in the wake of fatherhood.  So here’s what I’ve been playing lately:

HITMAN This series is such a guilty pleasure for me.  Normally I dislike assassin protagonists, and you will never see a “contract killer with a heart of gold” in Star Power.  However, there’s something about the world Agent 47 inhabits and the puzzle-like nature of his missions that have intrigued me for years.  This newest installment has proven entertaining so far, and only one level has been released!  I think the episodic format works for Hitman, where levels can be explored to their fullest and game options I would normally ignore become entertaining time killers.  I can’t wait for more levels.

RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER I played Lara Croft’s very first adventure on the original PlayStation.  Her “reboot” was magnificent (anyone who says Lara was weak in 2013’s Tomb Raider will find themselves at odds with me) and this latest game was equally nail-biting and exciting.  Yes, there was more focus on combat and less on tomb raiding, but the cinematic flow of the story and the breathtaking action sequences kept me on the edge of my seat.  The tombs were fun puzzles with great rewards, but I confess I like the more action-oriented, movie-like feel of these new games.

CHILD OF LIGHT I’m really late to the party on this one, but I don’t care.  I only recently got my hands on it and I simply could not put it down.  Everything about this game is elegant: the presentation, the story, the gameplay, the soundtrack.  It’s a beautiful experience.  There’s an old school RPG flavor to it, and turn-based battles are mixed with on-the-fly decision making.  You won’t be bogged down with endless side quests, but there’s plenty to explore should you venture off the beaten path.  I cannot recommend this game enough.  Simply beautiful.

WILDSTAR I indulge myself in MMORPGs every so often, and I still love WildStar.

WWE 2K16 I like professional wrestling.  End of story.

About Michael

Michael Terracciano loves comic books, superheroes, outer space, and telling stories. His friends call him "Mookie." He spent the last ten years as the author and artist of the fantasy webcomic, "Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire." He enjoys spending time with his wife and their three cats. His favorite planet is Jupiter because it's awesome. He wants having superpowers to be fun again, and for this to be a universe you want to escape to, not from. He hopes you enjoy reading Star Power.