Star Powered Burlesque!

There’s only one thing on my mind this week.  It isn’t heavy metal, or comic books, or astronomy.  It’s the show I’m involved in this Friday, and next Sunday.  It’s the show that introduced me to the wonderfully weird performers in and around Boston.  It’s the flagship show of The Slaughterhouse Sweethearts, and for the third consecutive year we are thrilled to be performing it once again.

Revenge of the Robot Battle Nuns.

I’ve spoken a lot about the burlesque scene and how much I adore it.  I’ve spoken at length about The Slaughterhouse Sweethearts, my involvement with them, and how proud I am not only to see their growth, but to be inducted as an official member.  So today, instead of me going on and on again about the creativity, empowerment, and rebellious nature of burlesque, I’ll step aside and let some others do the talking for me.

Bishop & Rook: It’s Getting Burrrlesquey In Boston! A nice article praising the hidden gem that is Boston burlesque and showcasing Revenge of the Robot Battle Nuns.  It also talks about Fit For A Queen, a tribute show featuring many performers who are also in Battle Nuns.

Burlesque and Body Image A fantastic blog about how getting involved in the burlesque scene positively changed the life of my fellow Sweetheart, Ginny Nightshade.

I’ll probably talk more about this again on Thursday, since the first show will be that very next day and I’ll be even more excited than I am right now.  Aaaah!

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