Star Powered Parenting 5

I’ve been venting horror stories and fatherhood frustrations here on the blog so often that I feel that it’s time to show you fine folks that new parenthood isn’t all aggravation, banshee screams, and insecurities.  More often than not, it’s actually pretty fun.

Early morning reflections on fatherhood.

As a new parent, you learn to save money however you can.

One accomplishment at a time.

This was a lot cuter in my head.

Heavy metal parenting.

Leto’s “shirtless dude flex” is spot-on.

Looks like Leto is too young for the full extent of my beardly wisdom.

My son and I already have much in common.

I suck at negotiating with babies.

Deep thoughts with my infant son.

We call these the hiccuburps.  They’re kind of adorable.

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