Updates, debates, getting to the party late.

UPDATE: I mentioned in a previous blog post that our between-Issue break would be three weeks instead of the usual two.  The between-Issue break is going to be four weeks instead of three.  Our flurry of Spring/Summer conventions coupled with the extra length of this Issue has made it necessary for us to take the extra time “off.”  The site will still be active, though!  The blog sections will continue to update (hooray!) and we will see the return of the Races of the Millennium Federation entries!  Want to know why the Mapotans love selfies or why the Rokkosians love theatre as much as tourism?  All the information for my fellow lore junkies!

GETTING TO THE PARTY LATE: My wife and I are getting to this party super late, but we arrived!  We love Bob’s Burgers.  We’ve been binge-watching it on Netflix (we’re only up to Season 4) and we adore it.  We didn’t expect to like it as much as we do.  We thought it was going to be an overrated cartoon with mean-spirited humor that wasn’t for us, like so many shows seem to be nowadays, but we were pleasantly surprised by the heart behind all the show’s absurdity.  The steady stream of puns is a bonus.

DEBATE: I didn’t watch the stupid thing because I value my blood pressure and my mental health.

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