Away to Katsucon!

I leave for KATSUCON today.  Lots of people traveling far to a convention arrive the day before the show starts.  It’s easier to get settled in your hotel, it gives you a day to decompress from travel, and it gives you a chance to get a good night’s rest before a weekend of insanity.  The alternative is to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning on the Friday of the show, catch a flight at the butt-crack of dawn (or begin your seemingly endless drive before the sun even rises), and hope you can get to the show in time to set up your merchandise before the crowd stampedes in.  Traveling the day before makes way more sense… but I did things the latter way for years and I much preferred it.

When I used to leave for shows on Friday mornings, I would trade exhausting travel conditions for an extra day at home.  This would give me time to get extra work done, and it allowed me to spend more time with my wife.  Now that we have a baby, I adore the idea of getting to spend an extra day with him before I go off to be an odd webcomic version of a traveling salesman.  But it is that very factor that makes me have to travel to a show on a Thursday night instead of a Friday morning.  I do not relish the idea of waking a sleeping baby up at stupid o’clock in the morning so Daddy can drive to the airport to catch a sunrise flight, and so I find myself having to modify my usual routine to accommodate the little guy (until he can feed and clean himself, anyway).  Oh well.  Flights are cheaper on Thursdays, anyway.

And if you’re coming to Katsucon, here’s how to find us!


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