Chatty monkey.

My son is starting to talk and it’s the cutest thing ever.  Most of it is gibberish, but as the days go by he’s trying more sounds and adding more words to his vocabulary.  He’s a regular motormouth, just like his dad (that’s me).  Aside from learning to walk, this has been the developmental milestone I’ve been looking forward to the most.  Okay, I’m also looking forward to the day he learns to use the toilet by himself, but one milestone at a time.

It’s been really amazing since he’s found the beginnings of his voice.  Mostly funny, because babies trying to talk are freaking adorable and attempts at words like “truck” sound like near-obscenities, but also amazing to watch a human being develop communication skills from scratch and take pride in knowing that I’m playing a large part in that development.

Anyway, here are some examples of my son’s adorable attempts at speech, all taken from my Vine account:

It looks like he’s disagreeing with whatever he just said.

Whatever he’s saying, he’s passionate about it.


Poop?  “Poop.”

Monkey.  Only monkey.

Daddy.  Mommy.  Some gibberish to top it all off.

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