On the Kepler Telescope and diamond rain.

In yesterday’s update, Danica searched for the Void Archons using a method similar to how the Kepler Space Telescope looks for exoplanets.  I fudged the science of it a little (since we’re dealing with invisible space battleships using technology Garth and I made up), but I tried to keep to the spirit of it as best I could.  One of our goals with Star Power is to mix the wonder of actual science and outer space with the sci-fi superhero comic-bookery that he and I dream up.  As for our other goals?  That’s the subject of another blog post.

Speaking of the wonder of outer space, it was recently discovered that it rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn.  It RAINS DIAMONDS on two planets in our solar system.  When I learned about this, I geeked out big time.  Not only because this is an awesome discovery, but because these are two planets I commonly view through my telescope.  Half the wonder of stargazing for me is not only the majesty of what I’m seeing, but the knowledge behind it.  The Hercules Globular Cluster is beautiful to look at alone, but when you learn that it’s the light of over one hundred thousand stars, the beauty of it is undeniably magnified.  So now when I look out at Jupiter and Saturn, I can add the knowledge that it RAINS DIAMONDS on one of my favorite planets.

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